Integrating IoT platforms with supply chain & Logistics can be a Revolution

Why do IoT platforms matter to the supply chain industry?

  • They offer reassurance about the location of the goods. The managers can verify that goods are present where stakeholders say they are. Whether in rest or motion, the movement of goods can be tracked.
  • Smart supply chain management allows the identification of issues (delay in delivery) at an early stage.
  • Real-time tracking of the shipment
  • Inventory visibility from any off-site location
  • Easy to carry out supply and demand planning
  • Ensures improved quality management as raw materials and processed goods are kept in optimal conditions.

How would IoT help in supply chain management?

  • Ability to authenticate the location of a product at any point in time
  • Monitoring the storage conditions
  • Transparency
  • Improving mitigation measures and contingency planning
  • Locating goods in the godowns
  • Forecasting the arrival of products

Adoption of IoT platforms across various industries

Asset management


Better resource management


Challenges of using IoT in supply chain management

  • A major skill gap
  • Challenges to store data
  • Data security
  • Connectivity problems

Success stories



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